Taal Lake Sailing Lessons Every Weekend!
*Except the 2nd Sunday of each month where races happen at Taal Lake Yacht Club 🙂
For a one-time trial, fee is only P200 (minimum of 8 pax).
Formal lessons start at P850 good for a max of 2 pax, inclusive of an instructor and boat hire. For more advanced learners, boat hire is at P400/hour or 1200/day
Four (4) people to share a boat hire and a senior instructor for a full day for P2400. Four hours of instruction with the students swapping.
Boats used are the Oz Goose with a capacity of one instructor and two students.
Lunch may be ordered at the venue (starts at P150 per meal per pax). Wake up to the beauty of Taal Lake. Bring your sports team, classmates, friends, or sweetheart! ♥
***Try the P3,700 FULL BARKADA PACKAGE for 4 people: 4 hours of sailing lessons hourly for each, 2 at a time, use of kayaks in between, and picnic lunch!
p.s. independent boat hire will be assessed by a senior instructor.
p.p.s. senior instructors will assess weather and vary conditions of hire such as number of people per boat or if sailing is to be cancelled because of risky conditions.
p.p.p.s. please contact +639165559549 for reservations 🙂