Day 1: J. M. Lontok Land Survey Services, led by Geodetic Engr. Michael Monteza, was commissioned by Ayala Land Inc to conduct land delineation within the Ayala property. The target site is what they called “R1” with a measurement of 84.5h. Temporary markers were installed.

Corner 1 up to corner 9 has a distance of 1.3km. Connecting from corner 9 to corner 12 measures 500meters.

Land delineation is necessary to know the exact boundaries of the property. With these activity, planting site and restrictions from wildling collection were identified.

Part of Ayala Carbon Forest Project in Alaminos.

Day 2: Continuation of the boundary delineation by sticking method was done to be able to lay-out corners covering the R1. Corners 32-39 measures 355 meters. While the distance from 39 to corner 1 is 600 meters. T4 Expressway by the DPWH will traverse between R1 & R3, that measures 60 meters.

R3 is located near at the back of BellaVita Subdivision. It has a 5.9 hectares and dominated by coconut trees. It was completely delineated.

This project is funded by the Ayala Land Inc. Under the Alaminos Carbon Forest Project.

Day 3 : Started at corner 31 up to corner 12 of R1. About a 1.3km distance were layed out. R1 was already completed. It has thick vegetative cover and few patches of vacant area that will be planted by native tree species.

We hit the last to be delineated the R2. R2-11 – R2-7 has a measurements of 1.154km. Corner R2 – 7- R2- has a distance of 68 meters.

R2 is popularly known as “Dell Valle” as what the local called. We observed a thick vegetative cover in this area.

Under the Ayala Carbon Forest Project in Alaminos implemented by Pusod, Inc.