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Pusod, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization whose Mission is to Protect and Enhance the Ecosystems of The Philippines, and to show their significance to the world . Pusod was formed in Manila on March 2004 to further the work originally begun in 1995 by the Babilonia Wilner Foundation

Mount Malarayat Forest Reserve

Let us do our part for saving Mt. Malarayat…

Taal Volcano Protected Landscape

Let us do our part to preserve Taal Volcano Protected Landscape…

Verde Island Passage

Let us do our part to preserve Verde Island Passage…


Our vision is a world where people and communities are energized by their cultural and ecological wealth; live with reverence for earth and all life; and naturally prosper in diverse, self-sustaining local economies in which all beings thrive.


Pusod believes it owes success to the communities they serve. The policy is to work in areas and on projects where it is asked to participate by local individuals, communities, governments, sustainable businesses and NGOs. In this way Pusod works with respect for local wisdom, and in participation with all available stakeholders for fruitful partnerships and results. It has worked throughout the Southern Tagalog Region and in Marinduque and Northern Mindoro. Current programming focuses on areas in Batangas that include such national treasures as the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape, Mt. Malarayat Forest Reserve, and Verde Island Passage (VIP). VIP is renowned for having some of the highest levels of endemic marine life in the entire world.

 The Babilonia Fund has been consistently supporting Pusod, Inc. together with individual, corporate and other funding organizations. Pusod has established the Taal Lake Conservation Center with a generous grant from United Parcel Service (UPS) Foundation (http://www.sustainability.ups.com/the-ups-foundation/ ).

 Globe Bridging Communities (http://www.globe.com.ph/globebridgecom) supports the Sustainable Tourism initiatives of the organization in TVPL. Pusod, Inc. is a member of the TVPL Protected Area Management Board.

The Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation ( http://www.ptfcf.org/ ) supported several Pusod-led initiatives in Mt. Malarayat Forest Reserve such as Biodiversity Monitoring System and Database Management, Ecotourism, and Capacity Building of the Lipa HeadWaters Council. Pusod is a member of the Lipa Headwaters Council and is crucial in its formation. The LHWC oversees conservation and management of Mt. Malarayat Forest Reserve.

Pusod supports the implementation of the Verde Island Passage Management Framework. Also identified as one of California Academy of Sciences ( www.calacademy.org ) local partners for the Philippine Biodiversity Expedition 2011, Pusod continues to be the education outreach local partner of CAS in the succeeding Marine Biodiversity Expeditions. It is also the local partner of USAID under the ECOFISH Project’s in the recently concluded ” Support for the Development of Social Enterprises for Fishing Communities in Verde Island Passage (VIP) MKBA.

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Recent News

PUSOD Inc’s Emergency Response to Taal Volcano Eruption

On January 12, Taal Volcano disturbed what seemed to be a usual Sunday to Batangueños who live on the Taal Volcano island and around Lake Taal. On that same day, thousands of families fled from the threat of the erupting volcano. As the Alert Level increased in each...

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Taal Volcano Eruption Disaster Response

The eruption of Taal Volcano on January 12 and its unrest days thereafter, resulted in massive displacement of communities and billions worth of damages in infrastructure and agriculture. However, this disaster also brings out the best in us - our kindness, unity, and...

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Summer Youth Camp 2018

The FLY Summer camp is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted by Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy during the summer months. Children and adolescents who attend our summer camps are known as F.L.Y. campers.

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