Courtesy call to the LGU of Mabini, represented by the Acting Mayor Hon. Pablo M. Villanueva and Mr. Catalino Arago, Municipal Tourism Officer.
The said meeting was in relation to the project entitled “Coral Reefs and Climate Change: Documenting and Sharing Reef Vulnerabilities and Resilience Using a Rapid Response Model” in partnership with the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) represented by Dr. Terry Gosliner and Dr. Meg Burke and De Lasalle. University Manila, SEA – VIP represented by the Executive Director Mr. Joal Ascalon and Pusod Inc. Executive Director Ann Hazel Javier.
The project aims to provide a baseline model of the current state of biodiversity in Verde Island Passage; develop a rapid response system to detect and model climate – related biodiversity changes to coral reef ecosystems and develop new vehicles for distilling and disseminating current science to LGUs, NGOs, policy makers and other stakeholders.
The project is funded by the Oscar M. Lopez Center.