Taal Lake Conservation Center

Pusod is an environmental NGO that employs the strategy of building centers that allow communities to take power over their environment in a conscious and caring manner. It has been assisting in Taal Lake Conservation since 2003, supporting the Kilusan ng Maliliit na Mangingisda sa Lawa ng Taal in their organizing efforts, assisting Tanggol Kalikasan in undertaking PAMB institutional capacitation and community consultations for the draft management plan.

For 2011, In February 2011, UPS Foundation kindly extended assistance for the building of a home for these initiatives.

The PUSOD Taal Lake Conservation Center is envisioned to host all the materials, maps and informational aids gathered for the last eight years. It is intended as a central repository for Taal Lake Conservation materials, initiatives and learning. It will serve as a venue for training on management plan implementation and other conservation measures.

15 trainings were held here by Pusod even before the enclosure and bathrooms were built, benefitting the surrounding community. Livelihood trainings, lake conservation, management plan implementation and disaster trainings were held and the community expects other trainings such as small business financing, first aid and rescue etc.. It is also expected to draw visitors from schools and among families who wish to learn more about this lake other than just the view and the anecdotal and sometimes erroneous stories. It can also be a take-off point for visiting Taal Volcano Island.

Pusod TLCC is expected to strongly draw tourism into Taal Lake as a new tourism product and package as it is only one hour from Makati as against other places in Taal Lake. Package options can be handled by outside agents, one of which will be Pusod. Fees for the Center would be incorporated in tours to be marketed. Tours could include traditional fishing, lake clean-ups and monitoring, visits to copra and coffee as well as the Marian site.

Conservative feasibility studies show that for the first year, no net income will be derived from operations. However, further improvements to the Center are anticipated. Return on investment will start on the third year. Pusod will turn over the center to the Local Government host or the PAMB depending on capacity in five (5) years.

Tours and Adventures

Meet The Real Taal Volcano

Bike trails accross plantations
(bring your own bike)

Community interaction and
benefits from tourism

Kayaking adventures with
friends, use included in package.

Lake parties on an inflatable float
and towable with kayaks.

The Lake Concert

Conservation Center in progress,
coordination with artists.

Taal Volcano is at the heart of a larger protected area established in 1996. The Taal Volcano Protected Landscape is composed of over 65,000 hectares in 13 towns and 3 cities, including Lipa City, Tanauan City and Tagaytay. This is a land of mystery and shrouded in myths and legends. The side of the lake opposite Tagaytay, the small towns of Mataasnakahoy, Balete and Cuenca are unspoiled gems. Pusod is an environmental education NGO. Our tours are knowledge-skilled and also ensure the least economic leakage as possible, ensuring that local businesses are patronized and accredited guides regale you with the lake’s legends and the culture in the heartland of the Batangueños. We are also engaged in lake conservation and can tell you what you need to know as well as what you can do to help (aside from taking the tour).


Inclusions: A full briefing on the lake region and eruption history of the volcano, a boat ride from Kinalaglagan, Mataasnakahoy to Calauit, Balete on Volcano Island and back, a horse ride or trek with a local guide, insurance, snacks and lunch of Batangas fusion cuisine and local refreshments, user fees and a conservation contribution.


  • 6:30/7: Departure for an 8am arrival in Taal Lake, short briefing on eruption history, biology, archeology of the lake region. Put on lifevests and get on the boat.
  • 9:30 Arrive on Volcano Island, Calauit Side. Get on horses or trek, take in the views. View an island within a lake within an island within a lake. 100 years ago, this lake consisted of three lakes, now joined into one during the 1911 eruption. Meditation and quiet time.
  • 10:00 Start riding down the volcano. Get back on boats
  • 11:30 Back at TLCC, enjoy a native lunch of Batangas fusion cuisine, fresh buko juice. Relaxation time.
  • Back in Manila whatever time you like.
  • Overnight accommodations in our loft or cabanas for additional fees. Ask about bon?res in our Dap-ay and night kayaking.

Rates are in the attached rate sheet, subject to change without prior notice. Please call for the latest rates.

Number Pesos/Pax Dollars/Pax
1 Person ₱5,502 $125
2 Person ₱3,486 $80
3 Person ₱2,814 $65
4 Person ₱2,499 $60
5 Person ₱2,276 $55
6 Person ₱2,142 $125

Where to Stay?

Situated in the ecotourism area fronting Taal Volcano and freshwater lake. You can do an early morning or sunset kayaking, breakfast and lunch of native local cuisine, guilt-free solar-powered pavilion, in harmony with nature & the local community.

How to get there?

There are 3 ways to get in Taal Lake Conservation Center:

1. (Approx 12km) From Matasnakahoy Town Proper - go via Brgy. Longos and turn right to Brgy. San Sebastian, go straight until you find Brgy. Kinalaglagan intersection, make a right turn towards Sitio Lipute. Pusod TLCC is on the left before you reach the big metal Lipute Bridge.
Commute: From Mataasnakahoy Town Proper - near 7-Eleven there is a tricycle terminal. They service going to Sitio Lipute TLCC, P80.00 on single ride.

2. (Approx. 11.5km) from Balete Leviste Highway (Levitown near Caltex) - Drive drive down until you reach Balete Town Proper. Turn left and follow signages to ESL Resort. Continue driving until you reach the big metal Lipute Bridge. Pusod TLCC is on the right after that bridge.
Commute: from Caltex-Levitown, there is a jeep terminal going to Balete Town Proper going to Palsara. Then take a tricycle ride going to Pusod TLCC until you reach the big metal Lipute Bridge. Pusod TLCC is on the right after that bridge.

3.From SLEX and Star toll, exit Malvar (Bulihan). Make a right after toll, drive straight until u see the Balete Mun. Hall. Follow the directions to ESL Resort. You will reach ESL Resort, go towards the big metal bridge (Lipute Bridge). After that bridge you will see TLCC on the right.